KAO USA, EY and Board Present The Case for a Zero-Based Budgeting Approach

ZBB is a holistic solution driving cost transformation and strategic cost management while establishing accountability and putting in place an infrastructure to sustain realized savings. EY’s approach to strategic cost management and zero-based budgeting, built on Board's proprietary cloud-based business intelligence software, drives cost transformation and streamlines FP&A processes.
Join this 60-minute webinar to see how ZBB can drive strategy, growth and value for your organization.
Beth Wolf from KAO USA will join EY and Board to showcase how KAO implemented a Zero-Based Budgeting strategy for cost transformation.
What can a Zero-Based Budgeting approach do for your organization
  • Tightly manage non-strategic costs: Eliminate inefficient costs, justify all spend in terms of strategic objectives and demand, and build a cost-conscious mindset
  • Grow strategic costs: Drive focused re-investment impacting both bottom and top line growth, fund development of differentiated capabilities in Sales, Marketing, R&D and Supply Chain Management, and increase investment in go-to-market capabilities driving growth  
  • Enhance capabilities & culture: Build an infrastructure for holistic strategy management, establish a culture for strategy-driven spend management, and develop governance for ongoing investment and spend management 
What unique attributes does the application feature?
  • Links existing financial planning tools with new cloud-hosted budgeting platform
  • Captures strategic objective, cost justification and cost drivers– tying spend to overall business strategy and performance objectives 
  • Incorporates budget targets and plans by cost category
  • Allows for set-up and continuous monitoring of spend to be embedded in the regular performance management process
  •  Provides real-time dynamic, interactive reports and visual dashboards
During this presentation, find out how our technology is making a difference in finance departments across the globe and discover a new, innovative way to improve business processes within your organization.