Case Study

J.J. Haines & Company

Founded in 1874, J.J. Haines & Company is one of the largest floor covering distributors in the United States. J.J. Haines distributes the following product categories: Hardwood, Area Rugs, Carpet, Laminate, Ceramic, Vinyl, and Luxury Vinyl Tile. The company is a primarily wholesale only distributor. J.J. Haines has 5 warehouse distribution points: Glen Burnie, MD, Goldsboro, NC, Wytheville, VA, and Richmond, VA and Oaks, PA.

Business Challenges
J.J. Haines needed to provide their executives and managers with timely and accurate information so that they could make informed decisions about the business. The specific issues that the company faced in achieving this goal were as follows:

  • Challenges in accessing, visualizing and analyzing relevant performance data contained in the Dancik ERP system
  • Inefficient reporting of high level performance management metrics
  • Financial and sales performance data are out of synch
  • Excel-driven budgeting and planning represents a burden
  • Complicated data structure
  • Moderate implementation resources are available


Selection Process
J.J. Haines wanted to implement a CPM application that would enable them to analyze, monitor and report on the companys performance and operations. According to best implementation practices and to minimize projects risks, the initial scope of the CPM project would be limited to the deployment of the sales analysis and financial budgeting/forecasting capabilities.

The specific evaluation criteria required that the solution:


  • Automated reporting of performance management data
  • Achieve significant improvements in accessing, visualizing, and analyzing the relevant sales and financial data contained in the Dancik system
  • Integrated performance and budget data into a single environment; improve data accuracy
  • Eliminated inefficiency associated with manual report generation and distribution
  • Provided more and better information about the company performance Improve Decision Making
  • Gave all users the Power to Report
  • Offered a simple and user friendly reporting and analysis environment


After evaluating several vendors over the course of several weeks, J.J. Haines determined that the Board Toolkit provided the best overall fit.

Board Solution
The overall deployment was designed to meet the following objectives:
Achieve significant improvements in accessing, visualizing, and analyzing the relevant sales and financial data contained in the Dancik ERP system. This will allow J.J. Haines employees to focus more on the analysis activities rather than system maintenance (query and reporting) tasks.

  • The new application will provide advanced analytical capabilities to improve analysis and decision making (automated alerts, forecasting, trending, graphical analysis, what if analysis, etc.).
  • The new application will provide an effective and efficient method for collaboration and reporting of the CPM information to the appropriate stakeholders and management. In addition, it will streamline and automate the decision making processes related to the companys sales analysis and financial budgeting/planning.
  • The new application will have a dynamic and user friendly GUI that allows numerous users to simultaneously collaborate and work with the system.
  • The new application can be rapidly adapted and scaled to support additional users, new requirements and changing needs.


Business Benefit
After only 8 weeks, J.J. Haines was empowered with a powerful CPM application that offered over 80 interactive reports and screens, along with the automation of key reporting and analysis processes. The Board solution also provided an advanced budgeting and simulation environment, enabling key personnel within J.J. Haines to perform What If? analysis on several facets of the business.

Measurable results include the reduction of time required to generate ad-hoc reports used across the business to several minutes this has improved productivity of the employees utilizing the information provided by Board. Also, the integrated and accurate reporting translates into better decisions by J.J. Haines. These factors contribute to a high return on investment from the comprehensive Board solution.

Critical Success Factors
According to John Coakley, CFO at J.J. Haines, there were several elements in the decision making process as well as the solution and implementation partner that contributed heavily to the success of the project:

  • Initial product selection was key
  • An integrated CPM toolkit is a key enabler for speed and flexibility
  • Understanding of requirements and a vision of the overall solution during early stages
  • Joint development team enables easy transition and self reliance
  • Commitment and support of high level management
  • Knowledge of implementation partner