JDE (Jacobs Douwe Egberts)

JDE combines Sales and Financial Planning thanks to BOARD

The Company

Jacobs Douwe Egberts is a global food group specializing in tea and coffee. Founded in 1753, JDE develops and sells a range of coffees in over 80 countries, with an annual turnover of over 5 billion euros and more than 12,000 employees. The group is ranked first or second in the markets of 18 countries across Europe, South America, and Australia.

In France, JDE is the sector leader with brands including SenseoL’Or, L’OR EspressO, Grand-mère, Jacques Vabre, Maxwell, and Tassimo. Its main business is selling coffee to retail clients (large-scale food retailers), but JDE also sells to the professional market (service stations, hospitals, HoReCa…)

The Project

BOARD, the leading decision-making platform, was chosen in response to the need for a unified reporting, budgeting, and planning tool.

The first phase was delivered in just three months, covering the Sales requirements, and the second a month later for those required by the Finance team. Used by the Key Account and Strategic Revenue Management team in Sales, Management Controllers in Finance and one administrator, the solution comprises of: 

  • 2 separate and independent environments: Sales & Finance
  • 1 single source of the volume issued from the S&OP process (providing one version of the truth)
  • 1 exchange platform for pricing conditions
  • 1 redefined forecasting process


The Features

The BOARD project at JDE has resulted in sales and finance management being covered with a single tool:

Sales Management - BOARD is used by the Key Account team to direct their annual negotiations, and above all it helps the team to: 

  • Simulate negotiation options
  • Consolidate negotiated offers with the original budget
  • Analytically manage every client investment by topic (local agreements, international agreements, promotional agreements…)

S&OP - BOARD also supports the S&OP process (monthly planning review) and weekly discussions by:

  • Translating planned volumes into values for the teams
  • Managing the product/client mix
  • Managing the pricing strategy based on real and projected volumes by product / customer / standard or promotional flow
  • Adding fluidity to the exchange of information with different services

Finance Management - BOARD offers the following features:

  • Plan development by segment, brand, and customer
  • Complete management of profits up to P&L (actual + forecast)
  • Reporting and budget comparisons


The Benefits

After getting up and running in only three months, JDE now benefits from a unique database to control every customer investment. The removal of multiple Excel spreadsheets using BOARD saves time and ensures everyone is working from the latest information. 

BOARD also allows volume movement to be immediately translated into value (through alerts and enhanced analyses), increasing the efficiency of operational activities.

The access to key customer information is simplified and Key Account teams have more independence in managing their P&L customers. The teams like being able to customize screens to view the financial impact of their decisions in real time.

Finally, the uniqueness of the tool combined with the implemented process guarantees individuality and allows for operational and financial information to be synced between the Finance and Sales teams, creating a more unified way of working and a more collaborative approach.