Integrated Fashion Retail Planning with Board

A new approach.

The retail industry is being shaped by powerful influences, including the rapid growth of e-commerce, fast-changing consumer expectations, the rise of automation, and the need for driving omnichannel micro-merchandising strategies. 
Stay ahead of your competitors by effectively integrating your whole planning cycle, from the Office of Finance to the Store Operations. Leverage Board’s leading technology for Planning and Business Intelligence.
Join this webinar to discover how:
A unified platform can make data interaction easier than ever across the entire retail planning, forecasting, and controlling cycle
In-context collaboration can stop the ineffective flow of email and Excel files to ignite a new collaborative decision-making process
Second generation self-service capabilities make it possible to create your own reports in a matter of seconds, gaining actionable insights based on a Single Version of the Truth
Embedded advanced analytics inject intelligence and simulation into the entire decision-making process while automating processes for demand prediction
An Integrated Planning and Business Intelligence platform can dramatically improve decision-making processes in the fashion retail space. Don't fall behind!