On-demand Webinar

Integrated Business Planning for Finance with Board and Microsoft Cloud

Discover how Board, the #1 decision-making platform, can be beneficial on Microsoft Cloud. 

Microsoft Azure the most reliable, scalable, and collaborative Cloud computing service helps worldwide organizations of any size to optimize the deployment of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management in the Cloud. 


In this webinar you will discover:

  • IBP will provide the user with a single holistic journey from Strategic Planning to FP&A going through Operations Planning
  • How planning, budgeting, and forecasting can be faster and more effective
  • Why migrate to Cloud is advantageous  
  • How to connect strategic financial and functional areas.
  • The advantage of having the possibility to select the most appropriate geographical location for the data centers made available from Microsoft.
  • How a decision-making platform compliant with the highest security standards can make life easier for a financial manager
  • Successful Customer Stories: Board Cloud supports the continuous growth of globally leading organizations such as Coca-Cola, SBB Cargo and Tally Weijl