Integrated Business Planning for Automotive Dealerships

Move away from spreadsheets and towards real-time collaboration and planning across different departments

Unifying analytics and planning in a single solution, the BOARD decision-making platform can be used to create an Integrated Business Planning approach for Automotive Dealerships, facilitating collaborative operational and budget planning and demonstrating the impact of these plans on the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow.

The BOARD platform gives our customers the ability to collaborate with everyone involved in the planning process, from Managers of Dealerships to Finance teams, and to develop a financial and operational plan for the group. It also enables them to explore multiple scenarios before deciding on the best approach and allows them to monitor current performance against the agreed plan to ensure performance is on track.

Register for the live webinar to discover how BOARD has worked with a large Automotive Retailer to develop an IBP model which delivers:

  • Efficiency in the planning process
  • Ability to plan more frequently
  • Collaboration across the group
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Reduction in wastage through improved distribution and reduced discounting