Improving Finance Efficiency and Agility - ANZ Region

Attend the webinar to learn to adopt Agile Finance

The role of the modern-day finance function is constantly changing. Business environments and owner expectations are evolving quickly and Finance is increasing seen as pivotal to these strategic initiatives. It is, therefore, more important than ever that Finance achieve a high degree of agility in how it operates. It is essential that Finance teams achieve automation and efficiency in core planning and reporting cycles to free up their teams to engage more with the business as a true business partner.

Attend this webinar to see how Board can support Finance teams to:

  • Generate detailed customer and product forecasting to gross margin
  • Utilise driver-based planning models for revenue and expenses
  • Build up labour budgets using key payroll assumptions at the named employee level to ensure accurate and efficient budgeting in a secure environment
  • Control working capital assumptions and forecasting for capital expenditure
  • Easily and quickly run “what-if” scenarios to better understand and respond to evolving market conditions.

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