On-demand Webinar

Get ready for IFRS 16!

Does your company have a significant number of operating leases? If so, IFRS 16 may have a serious effect on your financial performance.

Watch our recorded webinar discussing the impact of IFRS 16 and showing how Board enables organisations to be compliant with these new leasing standards by automating processes, defining segregation of duties and simplifying self-service analysis, allowing users to simulate and understand outcomes before posting journals.

Discover how:

  • IFRS 16 will affect you and your organisation and what you will have to do to be compliant
  • You can automatically manage large volumes of data with Board, providing journal calculation, currency conversion and easy integration with financial statements
  • Board IFRS 16 allows you to generate and post leasing journals in a few clicks
  • To take Contract Lease over a simple accounting process with Board’s native BI capabilities


During the webinar you will see how the Board IFRS 16 application allows users to easily navigate through the process, starting from the qualitative analysis of contracts to the generation and posting of the leasing journals.