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Get the Data you Need: Self-Service Analytics

Empower users to uncover their own data insights in seconds
Combining an intuitive, drag and drop interface with a centralised source of business data, BOARD’s self-service reporting software enables employees to quickly perform their own analyses on large volumes of data. This approach enables insights to be discovered much more efficiently, meaning businesses can become more responsive to changes in the business environment and gain competitive advantage from a more agile approach. 

Remove the reliance on spreadsheets and IT departments
Acting as a central source for the latest business information, BOARD’s self-service BI tools remove the need to wait for responses from a data analyst or to manually collate and analyse masses of data in multiple spreadsheets. A solid data foundation ensures decisions can be made using the latest, most reliable information. 

BOARD’s coding-free interface means users don’t need to rely on the IT department to make changes to reports or dashboards. Instead they can make instant changes themselves to suit their own requirements, reducing the workload for IT teams and increasing the productivity of departments as a whole. 

Create stunning visualizations and dashboards with a few clicks
BOARD takes the hard work out of presenting data by offering the best self-service BI tools available, including a wide range of charts, graphs, and scorecards which can be customized with ease through an intuitive drag and drop interface. The simplicity of their creation frees up users’ time to focus on spotting trends, interpreting analyses, and making more-informed decisions as a result. 

Different data visualizations can also be added to personal dashboards, allowing users to create their own digital spaces to show them the information which matters to them. These are automatically updated to ensure the latest insights are always to-hand and are fully interactive to make the exploration of data even easier. 

Automatic alerts complete the picture, identifying notable changes our outliers in the data through visual or email-based notifications, helping teams to be more reactive and responsive when the need arises. 

Dive for deeper insights with ease
Data sources from across the organization are combined by BOARD to provide users with easy access to the information they require. The multidimensional nature of the BOARD database allows users to efficiently and effectively explore relationships between data to discover correlations and trends which may otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Offering drill down, drill anywhere, and slice and dice functionality, BOARD creates full transparency of the underlying figures, right down to the lowest level of detail. This creates a greater understanding of the impact of decisions before they are even made. 

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