FSN - The Future of Automation in the Finance Function

New research from FSN provides a fascinating insight into the likely direction finance system automation will take with regard to the current global pandemic and the disruptive impact it is having on companies and their financial processes.

Automation is an essential step in the evolution of the modern finance function. However, only 9% of organizations have managed to completely transform their finance function through automation. Despite this, the agility they now benefit from is a strong incentive for others to follow suit. 

With this FSN Global Survey you will find a greater understanding of:

  • how the automation of financial processes positively impacts at an enterprise-wide level and not only in the Office of Finance
  • where you currently are on the automation journey and how to close the gap by driving your technological investments towards the best solutions
  • which innovative approaches to financial function open new perspectives within the disruptive market we are experiencing.


Download the full research now and discover how you can be an automation leader.