FSN – Leveraging finance automation to ride out disruption: Why a platform-based approach to CPM is crucial

How organizations can embed resilience and agility into performance management, operations, and decision-making

The last two decades has seen a steady rise in the popularity of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) applications, but for many organizations, CPM remains mired in separate applications, fractured processes, interrupted workflows, duplicated data, and spreadsheets. 

This became increasingly apparent in the wake of COVID-19. FSN’s “The Future of Automation in the Finance Function 2020” research showed the crucial role that finance automation plays in building organizational resilience and agility in the face of disruption. In the study, companies classified as “automation leaders” outperformed their contemporaries by a significant margin, thanks, in part, to the ability to adapt processes on the fly and respond quickly to new and changing information requirements.  


Download this FSN Executive Briefing to discover: 

  • How to leverage automation to be better prepared for disruption 
  • Why a real time picture of enterprise performance is vital to success 
  • What a CPM platform is and how it delivers organizational agility and resilience