Analyst Report

FSN - The Future of Analytics in the Finance Function

Global Survey 2020

These days, most companies are using analytics in one form or another, even if just to provide basic budgets and forecasts at year-end. But many firms are not extracting the true value out of their data, doing nothing more than producing cyclical reports - enough to enable the business to operate but leaving them falling short against competitors with more insight, agility, and strategic direction.

This is particularly true in the finance function. Across the four key financial processes - quote to cash (Q2C), purchase to pay (P2P), record to report (R2R), and budgeting, planning and forecasting (BPF) - only 16% to 18% of companies are at the pinnacle of insightful analytic maturity, as shown within the new Global Survey by FSN.


Download the full FSN research to discover how sophisticated CPM and BI & analytics platforms like Board can drive digital transformation in these areas and support data analytics activities across BPF, R2R, Q2C, and P2P processes, taking decision-making a further step ahead.