On-demand Webinar

How IBP is driving innovation in the office of finance

Financial Planning Transformation

As businesses seek new ways to drive efficiency and profitability, the days of disjointed, spreadsheet-based financial plans are numbered. Leading organizations are increasingly moving to an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) approach to enable better business partnering, enhance process automation, and create a baseline for the modernization of reporting and analytics.
In a single, unified platform, Board enables businesses to achieve this vision, bringing information together from across the business and driving a tangible increase in performance and value. 
Watch this webinar to find out how Board enables a truly integrated approach to planning and analysis which:

  • Links strategic, financial, and operational results to create transparency over what is driving the numbers and enable strategic goals down to be cascaded down to operational activities
  • Combines data from across the business to create a single, accurate point of truth on which to base all financial planning activities, including multi-currency management, intercompany treatment, consolidation, financial statement schemas, and value creation measurement
  • Provides a historical baseline of performance which can be used to simulate the impact of initiatives in the current plan
  • Encourages collaboration between all departments and generates an understanding of how one team’s activities impact the rest of the business
  • Enables the production of an agreed go-to-market plan with input from all teams and creates accountability amongst all departments for its delivery