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Exclusive webinar with FSN: Has decision-making changed forever?

The last few months have shone a spotlight on the way that we make decisions in a crisis. Many CFOs have been forced to sweep aside the traditional planning and forecasting process to focus on the things that really matter and make sure their businesses survive.

Some CFOs have been surprised at the speed with which they have been able to re-forecast, model new scenarios, and get management unity to make decisions, but for others, the crisis has been a ‘wake-up’ call to improve process and organisational agility. 

So, the question is, “Has decision-making changed forever?

In this 30 minute webinar, Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN will be sharing his experiences of talking with a number of CFOs in the last year with Lawrence Serven, a well-recognized subject matter expert in Enterprise Planning and a Director for Board International. 

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  • Gary Simon

    Chief Executive of FSN

  • Lawrence Serven

    Director for Board International