Enabling a Digital Transformation in Media and Publishing

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The media industry landscape is always evolving, with constant introductions and monitoring of new digital channels and streams. In times of uncertainty, media and publishing organisations need to have the ability to be flexible and make fast decisions on where future investment should lie, in order to maximise revenue.

Those who don't adapt risk losing readership and market share to their closest competitors.

Register for the webinar to find out how Board meets the needs of media and publishing firms by integrating reporting and analysis, and unifying them with planning, forecasting and simulation - all within a single platform. We'll demonstrate how you can control up-to-date information about the current month's performance, and how current forecasts are expected to turn out, ensuring that business targets are met.

You'll also hear how media organisations - such as Telegraph Media Group and DC Thomson - have transformed their finance function by doing away with error-prone spreadsheets and moved towards an innovative, unified and systemised finance department.