Driving Value from Data Business Analytics, Dashboards and Self-Service

In today’s competitive business environment you need a clear view of your organisation’s position in order to seek competitive advantage. With your business accumulating increasing amounts of data on a daily basis, are you exploiting it to full effect?

You may have business dashboards in place as a solution, but are they still providing relevant information or have they become obsolete due to changing business requirements? Alternatively your data may still be sat in silos across different departments, requiring hours or even days of manual collation to provide any sense of the full picture. The risk here is that data is missing, lost in translation or outdated by the time it is reported, leading to misinformed decisions being made.

Download this webinar to see how you can harness your organisation’s data to make decision-making more accurate and efficient. See how a consolidated view of your real-time data can provide you with a timely, cross-functional view of KPIs from finance, operations, sales, marketing and HR, as well as how self-service analytical dashboards can remove the reliance on IT for reporting.

This webinar will show:

  • How a consolidated view of real-time business data can provide detailed insights to aid decision-making.
  • How highly visual and insightful, self-service dashboards can be created and customised quickly and easily by any department even with multiple disparate data sources, with no need for IT intervention.
  • The wide variety of visualisation options to show key performance indicators including gauges, stoplights, thermometers and cockpits.
  • How it is possible to combine BI and CPM in a single tool/platform to achieve collaborative business planning and reporting across all departments.