Driving end-to-end Supply Chain Transformation with Integrated Business Planning - Asia Pacific

With Stuart Harman Partner, Oliver Wight Asia Pacific

Creating an agile supply chain is a growing challenge for many organisations, given the increasing volumes of data being made available and need to make competitive decisions faster. 

In response, many leading companies are turning to an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) approach to their decision making which creates a link between supply chain processes and corporate value creation, resulting in a more efficient, effective, and responsive approach to the demands of the business. 

By combining Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Predictive Analytics in a single platform, Board acts as a control tower for all planning, forecasting, and reporting activities, enabling organisations to seamlessly integrate their processes with disparate systems business-wide and streamline the execution across the entire supply chain.

Attend this webinar to find out how you can: 

  • Create complete visibility of activities and performance through the entire supply chain
  • Unify planning cycles across the business and drive a more collaborative approach to the creation, review, and delivery of an agreed goals and plans
  • Facilitate the sharing of reliable data across every department, increasing the accuracy of planning and reporting processes
  • Enable users to forecast and predict the potential outcome of choices to make informed decisions and allow departments to continuously review and monitor decisions and make adjustments to plans in real-time if required.
  • Provide an understanding of the value creation impact for each activity by connecting financial and operational aspects

We are joined on this occasion by Stuart Harman, Partner with Oliver Wight Asia Pacific who lives and breathes Integrated Business Planning.

About Stuart Harman

Stuart is based in Sydney, Australia but has spent 20 years working in key change agent roles in major manufacturing organisations around the world. Whilst gaining deep knowledge in a number of industries including metals and FMCG he has developed extensive experience in improving and linking processes across organisations and supply chains to enable the successful deployment of strategy Stuart has specialist expertise in strategy management, Integrated Business Planning, purchasing and Agile, Lean, Sigma.

For more information https://www.oliverwightasiapacific.com/