Digital Transformation of the Modern Workforce: A Unified Approach to Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics

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At a time when employee roles, skills, and locations are ever-changing, it's never been more important for businesses to have cutting-edge strategic workforce planning and analytics solutions in place. Human Resources executives need to be able to effectively model 'What If' scenarios and simulate plans - using real-time analytics - to accelerate the implementation of strategic goals and proactively pivot to adapt to new, unpredictable economic and political challenges.

But managing a complex, often remote workforce cannot be done in silos; for businesses to truly succeed, a holistic digital transformation needs to be implemented, allowing leaders from the HR, Finance, Sales, Operations and IT departments to align in order to meet organisational goals and financial targets.

Join this webinar to understand how a unified approach to workforce planning and management, optimised through technology, can empower organisations like yours to:

  • Create a single view of the workforce to plan for change and optimise sales per employee
  • Model 'What If' scenario plans to understand the impact of any changes to the workforce
  • Understand the true cost of the workforce through real-time visibility of salaries, benefits, and compensations
  • Reduce operational disruption by accurately predicting attrition
  • Assess their current business position in real-time, and realign staff in times of crisis

... and more.

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