The Digital Bank

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Digital and challenger banks have taken the UK by storm, raising a reported 2.5bn dollars in funding and accumulating over 30 million users.

The era of the 'digital bank' is arguably the largest shake up the financial services sector has ever seen - and potentially ever will see.

However, with the meteoric growth of digital banks, there comes a cost in terms of scalable back-office financial reporting, planning and stress testing processes. Reporting, planning and even stress testing for one or two entities can potentially be achieved using MS Excel... but when you start to reach five or more entities, Excel spreadsheets quickly start to buckle under pressure and show regulatory shortcomings.

Board’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) platform has delivered significant benefits for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, providing them with highly accurate financial reporting, forward-looking analysis with rolling and predictive forecasts, 'what-if' stress testing and strategic CAPEX, OPEX and operational headcount planning.

Put simply, Board allows you to understand today, plan for tomorrow and prepare for the unforeseen.

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