The Digital Bank

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For the first time in history, challenger banks are in competition not only with one another but with the 'Big 4', after gaining an unprecedented 30 million users - many of whom are millennials - in recent years.

This, coupled with issues such as Brexit and the rapid advancement of technology, means that the financial sector is undergoing one of the most significant shake-ups it's ever seen.

But the cost of customer acquisition and hyper-growth comes at an expense; the challenge is developing and maintaining applications at the same time as keeping operations running smoothly and ensuring the customer experience remains of a high standard.

Board’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution has delivered significant benefits for some of the UK's largest financial institutions, providing them with forward-looking analysis and rolling forecasts, predictive analytics with what-if and scenario modelling, and strategic planning encompassing business, capital, pricing and risk management - all within a single unified solution. Put simply, Board enables financial organisations to model assumptions and plan risks accordingly, giving them a competitive advantage when they most need it.

Register for this webinar to find out how your organisation can use an IBP approach to gain a competitive advantage when you most need it.

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