Case Study

City of Fayetteville - Case Study

Fayetteville, NC named most innovative city in US for its transparency, accountability, and use of Board technology

City of Fayetteville, NC, USA

Fayetteville is one of the largest cities in the US state of North Carolina and has a diverse population of 205,000. The City is committed to being a high performing, open government that maintains transparency in its operations and practices. Fayetteville solicits employee and citizen feedback through surveys and engaging events, such as Café Conversations, to evaluate and improve upon the performance of its programs.

To strategically analyze the results of its services offered to citizens, Neubrain, a Board partner, designed and implemented for the City a performance management system called TRACStat (Transparent Reporting and Analytics for Citizens). Neubrain has a 15-year track record of successfully deploying public sector performance management and budgeting solutions.The City launched TRACStat using Board to collect, monitor, analyze, and report its performance data. Board’s customizable features enabled the City to bring their TRACStat system out of Excel and into a multi-dimensional reporting database. The City can deliver the most valuable and contextual data about its programs to managers, which help drive better planning decisions for the future.

In addition to providing internal stakeholders with performance data from all departments, the TRACStat portal gives residents and elected officials varying levels of detail on the City’s organizational performance measure, budget and critical project status updates. TRACStat translates data into reports and visuals that give citizens visibility into how the City is meeting its goals and continually striving to improve how officials serve the community.

“The Fayetteville City Council finds that high performance and government innovation is grounded in transparency and accountability which are critical in the public sector for the effective and credible functioning of a healthy democracy, and in fulfilling the government’s responsibility to citizens and taxpayers. Transparent and reliable reporting models, such as TRACStat, serve to promote accountability, enhance the effectiveness of government services to its citizens, and increase the public’s confidence in their government. We share a duty to ensure that the actions of public officials, employees, contractors, and volunteers of the City are carried out in the most responsible manner possible and that city policy, budgets, goals, and objectives are fully implemented," said Rebecca Jackson, Strategy and Performance Analytics Director.

The City was recently recognized for its innovative business approach and high performing programs. Governing and the nonprofit Living Cities released the second annual Equipt to Innovate report, which assesses municipal governments on a variety of metrics. City of Fayetteville competed against 74 other highly recognized cities and came out on top as the #1 most innovative city in the US in 2018. Living Cities was impressed with the City’s use of data and analytics and specifically highlighted its Board-powered TRACStat system as a stand-out component of the review processes.

As further recognition of the City’s commitment to high performance, the City of Fayetteville earned a 2018 Certificate in Performance Management from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). The City is one of just 57 cities across the county that earned this certificate, which recognizes local governments that have integrated performance measurement and analysis into regular work practices.

The City of Fayetteville’s dedication to performance analysis and daily use of Board’s TRACStat portal have accelerated its ability to serve citizens and gain recognition across the country.