Never has the need for confident and clear decision-making been integral to the success of an organisation. Brisbane's leading senior finance event is just around the corner. 

We, at Board, look forward to these Symposium's where we can get the chance to discuss your digitisation and transformation strategies with you and how we can help to take your business to the next level of decision-making. This is an exciting time for the finance function who are going through rapid change. 

At 3.05pm Trent Fuller, CFO, Followmont will present "A Move in the Right Direction: Driving Shared Purpose for the Business", where he will explore the insights and journey of a CFO’s vision to transform Followmont ’s strategic decision-making to provide a single source of truth, speed up decision making, reduce risk, improve compliance and increase customer satisfaction. 

Will you be at this year’s Symposium? Then why not arrange a time to talk to one of the Board team at our stand where we can show how you can transform your decision-making processes.