Brenntag UK & Board

Board & Brenntag UK Ltd: Integrated Business Planning and Reporting

Brenntag UK had a very successful, well liked and effective consolidation and reporting legacy system in place. This system had served them well for ten years but was now at end of life and out of support; responding to this challenge Brenntag UK embarked on an ambitious project to not only replace their existing reporting tool but build a solution that was sustainable, future proof and would match their vision for the future.

Board International worked alongside Brenntag UK to implement this journey over three distinct phases to create a Board solution across the UK group capable of delivering their vision.

“We didn’t just want a replacement, we wanted to buy a product which made us future proof for the next 5-10 years and could take us to another level. We wanted a system that could produce our key performance indicators not just our financial numbers and we wanted to do it in one system rather than having it in multiple systems.”

Martin Gratton, Group Finance Director, Brenntag UK and Ireland and the Multisol Groups.