Board Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: Presentations - Asia Pacific

How can I automate my monthly or weekly presentation packs?

October 13 - 1pm AEDT  

In the latest Asia Pacific Tips and Tricks, we’ll explore one of the best collaborative features of Board – the Presentation layer. We’ll provide you with the tips & tricks you need to take your presentations to the next level by using Board’s native Presentation functionality. We’ll look at the importance of print settings in screens, how you can customize your Presentation with screens from Board, and how to share the final product with your colleagues.


Board Tips & Tricks Tuesdays is an educational hands-on webinars that are designed to help you gain or refresh your knowledge about various functions of Board platform. Each webinar is just 30 min long and will focus on one topic at a time. Our motto for this series is less slides, more action. We also encourage you to continue the discussions with your peers in a dedicated forum of our online user community.