On-demand Webinar

Board Financial Consolidation 4.0

When dealing with financial consolidation and statutory reporting the majority of organizations are seemingly restricted by outdated ways of working. To view statutory consolidation in a 'vacuum' – whose purpose is limited to providing historic reporting for the benefit of governments, regulators and investors – is extremely limiting.

Thanks to Board FC Finance professionals are now able to perform both legal and management consolidation within a single, integrated Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management environment and get a deeper insight into financial and operational results.

Register for this upcoming webinar if you want to learn more on how to:

  • Reduce close-cycle time
  • Achieve complete financial control
  • Automate group reporting
  • Run in-depth analysis

Board  FC  is  the  industry’s  only  BI/CPM  solution  that  combines  powerful,  out of the box capabilities with the flexibility of a Toolkit Approach, delivering the unparalleled ability to customize and adapt the Financial Consolidation process to your changing business requirements.