On-demand Webinar

Board & EY: Drive Strategy and Sustain Value Through Zero-Based Budgeting

ZBB is a holistic solution driving strategic cost management and budget optimization, all while establishing accountability and putting in place an infrastructure to sustain realized savings. With EY’s Zero Based Budgeting approach, built on Board's proprietary cloud-based business intelligence software, FP&A processes can be transformed to streamline input and maximize output.
This 60-minute webinar discusses how Zero Based Budgeting can drive strategy and sustain value throughout your organization.


What can a Zero Based Budgeting approach do for your organization?

  • Manage Non-Strategic Costs: Identifies inefficiencies in organization cost structures -reallocating costs to boost top and bottom line for enhanced performance
  • Redesign Operating Models: Results in a leaner, more agile organization through optimized organizational design, policies and governance
  • Promote Accountability and Sustainability: Establishes accountability of costs and instils a culture of fiscal discipline driven by a value creation mind-set
  • Fund Growth Opportunities: Frees up resources to invest in capabilities and drive growth initiatives


What unique attributes does the application feature?

  • Links existing financial planning tools with new cloud-hosted budgeting platform
  • Captures cost drivers and spend purpose – tying spend to performance objectives and overall business strategy
  • Incorporates budget targets and plans by cost category
  • Allows for set-up and continuous monitoring of spend to be embedded in the regular performance management process
  • Provides real-time dynamic, interactive reports and visual dashboards


See how our technology is making a difference in finance departments across the globe and discover a new, innovative way to improve business processes within your organization.