Analyst Report

Bloor research - From Insight to Action

How Decision-Making Platforms are Changing the Game.

The Bloor analysts have assessed the Board decision-making platform and the verdict is in. The Board solution, which supports unified analysis of all data across the enterprise and allows the use of this data company-wide for reporting, simulation, budgeting, planning and forecasting, combines BI and CPM in a single product and receives high praise from the Bloor team. 

Decisions should be based on the best possible appraisal of the facts. To do this requires that the breadth and depth of data is taken into account. Even though it has become common practice to talk of a single version of the truth, most companies have at least two - financial and operational. 

According to a new Bloor Research paper – From Insight to Action a situation of this kind jeopardizes the effectiveness and reliability of BI and Corporate Performance Management solutions within an organization, causing them to be of less value, and even misleading, for decision-making processes in the business. What, on the contrary, would really change the game is a situation in which better data delivers better results, and those better results encourage more people to want to use the data to support them, thus creating a virtuous circle.

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