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How Decision-Making Platforms are Changing the Game

The Bloor analysts have assessed the Board decision-making platform and the verdict is in. The Board solution, which supports unified analysis of all data across the enterprise and allows the use of this data company-wide for reporting, simulation, budgeting, planning and forecasting, combines BI and CPM in a single product and receives high praise from the Bloor team. Read on to find out more.  


Decisions should be based on the best possible appraisal of the facts. To do this requires that the breadth and depth of data is taken into account. Even though it has become common practice to talk of a single version of the truth, most companies have at least two - financial and operational. 

According to a new Bloor Research paper – From Insight to Action a situation of this kind jeopardizes the effectiveness and reliability of BI and Corporate Performance Management solutions within an organization, causing them to be of less value, and even misleading, for decision-making processes in the business. What, on the contrary, would really change the game is a situation in which better data delivers better results, and those better results encourage more people to want to use the data to support them, thus creating a virtuous circle.

Better decision making, based on agreed facts derived from a common data pool, is one of the cornerstones of a productive and competitive enterprise”stated the Bloor analyst.I believe that the Board solution is one of the few products in the market that has the capability of delivering what is required in a single affordable, flexible, and productive package."


Among Board’s various capabilities, the Bloor analyst praises in particular:


  • Its fact-driven decision making: “What we want is for data to be seen as a single data asset. We want its manipulation to be documented and explained. Then when we report off facts, or use them to model things, we can all understand what the basis is, and have faith in what is being presented.

  • Its ability to take users from good quality data to good quality insight: It is very important therefore to not just select a BI tool on the basis of the reporting and analytics capabilities. Board has capabilities that set it apart in many ways and provide the sort of data platform that is required to produce reliable actionable insight.

  • Its extremely positive customer feedback: The customer considers the cost of Board to have been saved many times over by the benefits that have ensued, resulting in a very happy customer who believes the product to be unique.


Within the research you will also find some examples of what worldwide customers are doing with Board today. Presented case studies include:

  • A large German manufacturing conglomerate that is constantly buying and selling elements of its portfolio, across 180 countries. The company aimed to enable high-level decisions on critical changes to be made with full understanding of the costs and implications This enables high-level decisions on critical changes to be made with full understanding of the costs and implications.


  • A major Swedish multinational clothing retailer which uses Board as a budgeting and planning platform to manage manpower requirements across all its stores and warehouses. The solution is used 24*7 across the globe within every store, up through the supply chain, into the hierarchy of management from country to region to HQ, with over 10,000 users and counting.


  • An Italian Bank with over 300 branches across the country, whose goal was to consolidate data and employ it to enable effective budgeting, forecasting, control and reporting, providing a core system at the very heart of effective operations.


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