BioMarin: Revolutionising the Planning and Management of Clinical Trials with Board

Clinical trials are critical to ensuring pharmaceutical companies continue to save lives, but they are often very challenging to manage.  Many organizations don’t have a system in place to keep on top of these complex processes and still rely on spreadsheets to manage multiple sets of data and information. With the vast amount of data involved, relying on spreadsheets can quickly become overwhelming, time-consuming, and – most importantly – inaccurate.

Register for our webinar to find out how Board helped BioMarin create a 360° view of clinical trials, the lessons they learned along the way, and what’s next in their digital transformation journey.

In this webinar, we will explore how BioMarin:

  • Introduced a 360° view of each clinical trial study and program.
  • Established a clear view of Contract Research Organization (CRO) KPIs.
  • Increased reporting and forecasting efficiencies, cutting days off data collection time.
  • Reduced manual workload by centralizing contract management and leveraging system-based efficiencies.
  • Built out an algorithm-driven application to do key driver-based financial forecasting of clinical trials’ external spend.

If you can't make the webinar, please register anyway and we'll send you the recording after.

  • Nikitha Bollipalli

    Sr Manager, Development Sciences Business Operations at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

  • Adam Borenstein

    Manager, Development Sciences Business Operations at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

  • Irwin Tanadi

    Principal Business Solutions Architect at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

  • Gareth Giles Knopp

    Chief Customer Officer at Board