Balancing production capacity and demand in a global supply network with Biobest

Join Luc Buntinx, Application manager at Biobest Group NV – one of the world's leading companies in biological pest control & natural pollination – to discover how the group balances its available production capacity and demand on a global level in order to deal with the degree of uncertainty that characterizes their business, using Board as a communication platform to gather, transform and exchange the necessary data.


By watching this webinar you will learn about:

  • Initializing the forecast process with system build forecasts
  • Collecting the demand and available production capacity figures on a global level
  • Aggregating and breaking down forecasts in different levels of granularity
  • The Production Allocation process; allocating available production capacity to demand
  • Measuring and evaluating forecast accuracy

Not available on the 10th? You can still register and you will receive the Recorded version of the Webinar after the live session.