Agile Scenario Planning and Stress Testing in Financial Services with KPMG

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Join KPMG and Board for this exclusive webinar run in association with UK Finance, where we will discuss how Financial Services institutions can respond to social, political and economic turbulence through more agile planning, scenario-modelling, and stress-testing capabilities.

More than ever before, Financial Services need to ensure their decision-making processes are enabled by technology platforms that give them real-time data that can be translated into information and insights. Those that aren't enabled risk losing out to their more agile competitors.

We'll also be discussing:

  • What the modern Financial Services organisation should look like
  • How to automate forecasting to ensure regulatory changes are met
  • How to align goals and targets throughout the business - both between functions and levels of responsibility
  • How to close the gap between forecast and group targets

And more.

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