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7 Pricing Strategies to Drive Profit Growth for Retailers

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Pricing is arguably the most powerful driver of profit a retail organisation has. The price of a product - whether it’s the initial, regular, promotional, offer or clearance price - is an extremely complex multi-dimensional number. Yet, even as the golden quarter approaches - when decisions about pricing and promotions are most critical, and often have to be made in real-time - many retailers are relying on static reports and spreadsheets to make these critical pricing decisions.

This is a risk many retailers can’t afford to take in an age of COVID-19, Brexit, and ever-changing customer demands... when nothing can be taken for granted.

In this exclusive recorded webinar, Iain Watson of TPC joined Shirley Wills of Board International, to discuss the 7 key strategies that retailers can use to supercharge their pricing strategies, and future-proof their profit margins.

They also discuss:

  • Why data is the key to optimising retail pricing
  • How technology can empower retailers to make impactful, real-time pricing decisions
  • Why a “fail fast” mentality will be critical to success for retailers

… and more!


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