2020: Augment finance visibility and performance

As we move into a new decade it’s no surprise that spreadsheets are still the solution of choice for many corporate finance and operational teams for a range of budgeting, planning, reporting and other business-related tasks.  

Excel is one of the most versatile and user-friendly personal productivity tools in the market, therefore, many businesses still rely heavily on excel as their companywide decision support.  

The question to ask yourself though... Is it the best fit to support your strategic business goals and decisions in this new decade?

The challenges we hear all too often are: 

  • Timely to consolidate data from multiple sources 
  • Little to no integration with merging financial and non-financial data 
  • Manually intensive to create reports, budgets and forecasts 
  • The business wants automated and on time reports   

Does this sound familiar? 

Join us as we explore the challenges we see, and why your organisation may be exposed to missing business critical information to make timely, informed and effective decisions.