Integrated Business Planning - the cornerstone of smart decision making

Despite the vast sums of money that have been invested in core financial processes, business planning and forecasting remains a significant challenge for many organisations.

Most willingly admit too much of management time is spent on these processes and even then, there are strong doubts regarding the accuracy of the data and forecasts. These convential approaches to business planning are no longer flexible or sophisticated enough to respond to dynamic changes in the business environment. With these approaches, business plans can end up disconnected from the day-to-day reality of the organisation and ultimately the business planning process becomes an exercise in playing catch-up rather than a path to desired results. 

PwC's Global Finance Benchmark report 2015 showed that the cost of finance as a percentage of revenue is 40% lower in top performing organisations; budgets are delivered 15 days faster than the average company and they spend 20% more time on analysis as oppose to data gathering. 

Join BOARD's live webinar and discover how BOARD is helping businesses to overcome the organisational, process and technical challenges of migrating to a more integrated approach to business planning.

See in this webinar how BOARD allows you to:

  • Seamlessly link analytics with forecasting and simulation for strategic planning.
  • Run in-depth analysis using drill-down, drill-anywhere and drill-through functionality for quicker, more infromed decisions.
  • Gain clear visibility of the financial impact of specific planning factors on the performance of the organisation as a whole.
  • Connect the dots between sales demand planning, supply chain plans, product management and resource planning for more agile adjustments.
  • Maintain consistancy and control across the planning process with incorporated workflow.