Business Intelligence, Planning and Predictive Analytics for Insurance Providers

Optimize your digital transformation strategy. Discover the end-to-end digital decision making platform capable of unleashing the power of your big data.

As a unified solution for Business Intelligence, Planning and Predictive Analytics, Board delivers the capability to achieve greater business insight for any insurer, enabling your business to align its objectives with the strategic corporate vision. Unlike point data-discovery solutions, Board provides the capability to digitize insurers’ end-to-end decision-making processes, seamlessly integrating data analysis with the planning and control cycles of the organization.

The business climate in which Insurance Providers operate leaves organizations constantly exposed to events that can have adverse impacts on all parts of the business, undermining business planning and statistical forecasts.  Thanks to Board’s insurance analytics software, insurance firms can rely on accurate and timely analysis and reporting in order to drive a proactive approach to risk monitoring and modeling, including the assessment of regulatory compliance requirements.

Through Board’s all-in-one platform, insurers can implement an agile and flexible Premium, Claims and full P&L planning process. Within the same platform, Insurers are then able to align business plans with operational budgets and generate periodic and rolling forecasts.

Exploiting all the power of the Board platform, Insurance firms can support simulations, such as the ability to optimize the capacity to process renewals and to accurately and quickly evaluate exposure.

Furthermore, Board empowers organizations to get closer to their customer’s needs through sophisticated predictive modeling techniques enabling, for example, the introduction of new offers and more personalized products and services. The result is the strengthening of lifetime customer value and better resistance against new and existing competitors.

Board’s advanced analytic capabilities also support the pricing of insurance products, and customer segmentation, through underwriting and advanced claims analysis, linking front-office systems to the operational parts of the organization.

Whether you specialize in General or Life Insurance, Board can make your organization truly data-driven by providing greater business insights to improve decision-making at every level of the business.

With Board you will be able to: