How to overcome your SAP planning and reporting issues with BOARD

A webinar that will change your mind!

Join this BOARD webinar if you want to discover how to effortlessly make the most of your SAP data.

  • Learn about the different options for accessing and using SAP data
  • See a showcase of common user scenarios
  • Assess the results you can achieve through a quick demo 

During the webinar you will see how BOARD can significantly speed up your decision making based on SAP BW and ERP data by:

  • Creating advanced analysis and reports in minutes (vs days)
  • Writing back on your data (vs being limited to data-reading)
  • Quickly integrating SAP data with other corporate information (vs working on different data silos)
  • Managing dynamic data in your planning (vs having static data that doesn't automatically recalculate based on inputs)
  • Achieving outstanding flexibility in your planning process (vs needing an army anytime there is the need to quickly adapt to business changes)
  • Integrating BI, Analytics, Simulation and Planning in a single environment (vs having to use more than 10 different products)
  • Managing complex requirements with a minimal TCO (vs needing time and money to manage even the simplest requirements)




Chris Field, Head of Pre Sales at BOARD International 

Chris has worked for 23 years in the software industry in the areas of BI, CPM and Financial Consolidation. Prior to this, 16 years in the office of finance. At BOARD he was involved with customers such as Toyota Europe, Prudential, Jaeger, AstraZeneca, Virgin Active.