Combined Planning and Analytics for Grocery Retailers

Drive efficiency from supplier to shelf with a unified approach to operational and financial analysis, simulation, and planning

In the highly competitive, and price-sensitive, grocery sector, retailers must strive to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency across the entire supply chain. From sales planning to category management, rolling forecasts to store and label P&L projections, and price and promotion optimization to workforce management, Board’s unified solution for analysis, simulation, and planning helps grocers to manage and control their entire decision-making process.

By centralizing operational and financial data in a single repository, Board enables employees in Head Office, warehouses, and stores to become part of a collaborative decision-making workflow, connecting different planning, simulation, forecasting steps and making light work of any required analysis.

Board’s flexibility and user-friendly nature make it easy to align financial objectives with fast-paced daily operations, helping grocery retailers to become more efficient and profitable while improving customer loyalty and retention.

Board enables grocery retailers to:

Conad & Board:
Overhauling management control and planning

Find out how leading Italian grocer Conad has transformed reporting, simulation, scenario planning, and financial planning by turning data into a shared, structured company asset using the Board platform:

Board & Conad del Tirreno: Performance Management becomes cooperative

Helping leading retailers to transform their approach to decision-making

Discover how Board is transforming the way leading grocers analyze, simulate, and plan, helping them to improve efficiency from supplier to shelf.

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