A unified approach to Fashion Retail Planning and Analytics

Combine financial and operational data to drive efficiency and competitiveness from supplier to store

Supporting today’s fast-paced fashion and luxury retail market, BOARD is a “one-stop shop” decision-making solution that helps retailers to break down functional and organizational silos and run effective planning, forecasting, and analysis processes across the whole organization.

From HQ down to country, department, warehouse, store, and SKU level, BOARD’s centralized approach provides complete transparency of performance and the correlation between financial and operational activities, supporting users to make more informed decisions.


With BOARD, financial goals can be easily translated into inventory and assortment strategies that perfectly align capacities and constraints across the whole supply chain.

Data coming from the different systems (e.g. PLM, ERP, and legacy solutions) of various organizational units can be collected and logically linked in a single repository, providing full visibility into any step of the planning and forecasting process. Once combined, this data can be used to analyze, monitor, and manage all financial and operational activities, including FP&A, merchandise planning, store allocation, and replenishment.


BOARD enables fashion and luxury retailers to:

  • Move their planning process from reactive to proactive
  • Anticipate market trends when planning
  • Optimize product and collection profitability
  • Minimize stock-outs and over-stock
  • Link financial objectives to operations

  •  Easily define and implement workflows across the whole organization
  •  Align the sales, marketing, production, and logistics departments
  •  Reduce complexity and increase flexibility
  •  Increase users’ efficiency through self-service analysis
  •  Create greater visibility across the organization


Puma & BOARD:
Transforming decision-making with an Integrated Business Planning approach

Discover how leading fashion retailer Puma has transformed planning, reporting, and analytics across the supply chain using an Integrated Business Planning application built using the BOARD Toolkit:

Helping leading retailers to transform their approach to decision-making



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