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Supply Chain Planning & Logistics Summit 2022

It’s been a highly challenging and disruptive year as the supply chain sector has been faced with an increased number of challenges, including demand volatility, transportation obstacles and supplier shortages, and more. 

As a result, many companies around Australia currently struggle to ensure a smooth supply chain journey whilst operating in a highly disruptive and unpredictable environment.

We are a proud sponsor of the Supply Chain Planning & Logistics Summit. Visit us at our booth or join our speaking session on the 24th February at 12.00pm:

How integrated and extended is your Integrated Business Plan (IBP)? Assessing your planning capability against these criteria:

  • Is planning fundamentally linked to business strategy and does it support strategy execution?
  • Is it a profitable plan, is it optimal from a financial point of view?
  • Does it utilise scenarios and pre-approved responses to allow the organisation to respond more quickly to change?
  • Is it relevant to all stakeholders at all levels and does it drive organisation alignment?