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Euclid Systems Corporation chooses Board as its all-in-one Consolidation, Budgeting, Forecasting and Analysis Platform

Thursday, 21 June 2018 - Boston, MA, USA

Board International today announced that Euclid Systems Corporation, the leading manufacturer of advanced orthokeratology products, chose Board to be its global source for budgeting, forecasting and analysis.

Board International, the #1 decision making platform for organizations of any size, today announced that Euclid Systems Corporation, the leading manufacturer of advanced orthokeratology products, chose Board to be its global source for budgeting, forecasting and analysis.

We are excited to be selected by Euclid as its budgeting, forecasting and analysis tool,” said Aaron Rozansky, VP Sales, Board Americas. “We’re looking forward to delivering another custom BI and performance management application to a large manufacturing customer here in the United States.

Euclid selected Board after an extensive search of over a year to find an appropriate reporting tool set to complement its ERP System, Epicor. Prior to Board, Euclid found that existing business intelligence tools did not offer the flexibility that they desired.  Euclid had previously considered Vena, Jedox, Tableau, Prophix, Budget Maestro, and Anvizent. Euclid will be using Board for Consolidation, Budgeting, Rolling P&L forecast, Sales and Production Forecast, Sales Analysis, Production Analysis, and Booking, Billing and Backlog Analysis. Due to the powerful combination of Board’s flexibility in data entry and the all-in-one platform, Euclid decided that Board was the only package that provided one training path to implement all CPM, BI and Forecasting needs they had.

The advantage of Board is once the knowledge is in-house, it is extendable to all of the reporting needs throughout the organization, whether it is finance, production, sales or cost center management,” said Allan Kaplan, CFO, Euclid Systems Corporation. “We had failed pilot projects with two other programs before selecting Board.

Euclid is the latest customer to join Board’s growing list of manufacturing clients across the globe. To see Board in action, ask for a free demo here .


About Euclid Systems Corporation:

Headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, Euclid is the manufacturer of the FDA approved Emerald™ Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) contact lens which provides a healthy alternative to glasses, daytime contact lenses or surgery for people with myopia. Emerald lenses are specially designed to gently reshape the cornea and correct the patient’s vision while asleep. Upon awakening, the patient removes the lenses to see clearly and free of any device, all day long. The Emerald Orthokeratology procedure is offered through specially trained and certified Eye Care Professionals. For more information, visit


About Board:

Board is the #1 decision-making platform for organizations of any size. Founded in 1994, Board International has enabled more than 3000 companies worldwide to rapidly deploy Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Predictive Analytics applications on a single unified and programming-free platform. The Board platform allows companies to achieve a single, accurate and complete view of business information and a full control of performance across the entire organization, from strategic formulation down to operational execution. Thanks to its programming-free toolkit approach, global enterprises such as H&M, KPMG, DHL, Mitsubishi, NEC, Puma, Siemens, Toyota have rapidly deployed end-to end decision-making applications in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional solutions. Headquartered in Chiasso, Switzerland, and Boston, MA, Board International has 21 offices around the world and a global reseller network. Board has been implemented in over 100 countries.