Driving Value with Dashboards

Are your business dashboards fit for purpose? Are they keeping pace with the rapidly changing business landscape and growing expectations of decision makers?

Done correctly, dashboards are an indispensible tool to determine the true health of your business. But all too often, the dashboarding process turns into a tickbox exercise, and once-useful dashboards can become obsolete very quickly.

Having a timely, cross-functional view of KPIs from finance, operations, sales, marketing and HR is critical for making sound decisions in today’s complex, dynamic business landscape. But unless these are KPI-focused, visual, relevant, current and accessible to your audience from anywhere, your dashboards will simply be left to gather dust.

See in this webinar:

  • How highly visual and insightful, self-service dashboards can be created and customised quickly and easily by any department even with multiple disparate data sources, with no need for IT intervention.
  • The wide variety of visualisation options to show performance indicators including gauges, stoplights, thermometers and cockpits.
  • How it is possible to combine BI and CPM in a single tool/platform to achieve collaborative business planning and reporting across all departments.