A Unified Approach to 3PL Planning and Analytics

Board helps logistics providers to tackle all analytics and planning needs at a fraction of the time and cost of other solutions

The third-party logistics landscape has changed significantly in the last decade and this will continue to affect the way 3PL providers operate and conduct their business in the future. The lack of quality reporting systems makes contract performance analysis and monthly KPI reporting a painful and time-consuming task. The lack of ‘data collaboration’ between suppliers, warehouse operations, transport, and end customers has an adverse effect on the smooth functioning of the supply chain.

Board overcomes these challenges, covering all the planning requirements of 3PL providers in one platform by integrating all financial and operational data and introducing the possibility for users to cascade financial goals from enterprise level down to sites and specific contracts.

  • Collate disparate data sources to break down information silos and better collaborate, connect, and engage with customers
  • Conduct Forecasting and Planning activities faster, easier, and with better visibility, driving greater efficiency and retaining a higher margin
  • Transform big data into business insights, gain transparency of activities, and deliver a better user experience using a customizable, user-friendly interface
  • Review contract performance over varying time periods to establish where improvements can be made and present this to the customer at renewal time, differentiating you from the competition and moving the focus from cost onto value

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