Analyst Viewpoint

Three Key Planning Deficiencies Impeding Successful Decision Making

Continuous planning models improve responsiveness to swiftly changing external conditions

Given the disruption seen across many markets, especially in the wake of the global pandemic and the rapid changes it has imposed, businesses require timely and accurate Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A). However, without the right technology underpinning FP&A, organizations may be impeded by three key planning deficiencies:

  1. The inability to operate with agility throughout the planning and forecasting stages.
  2. The difficulty to make fast and accurate analysis.
  3. The time required to create an end-to-end planning cycle.

By adopting a continuous planning approach to FP&A, guided by technology, the Office of Finance is able to address these three barriers to successful decision-making. 

Learn more in this viewpoint document, with critical insight from Robert Kugel – SVP and Research Director at Ventana Research.