Integrated Business Planning (IBP). From complexity to simplicity: The power of aligning people, process and technology

Oliver Wight and Board - Co authored white paper

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) helps organizations take a holistic view of their operations. It’s not about just co-ordinating every function around a well-defined strategy. It also helps management plan for agility by having visibility into operations; and stay true to clear, value-enhancing objectives over longer horizons. The focus of IBP is managing the future to ensure the near-term is ready for it.

Read this white paper and find out why Oliver Wight EAME, Oliver Wight Asia/Pacific and Board has teamed up to offer an end-to-end service, designed jointly to offer management teams the sharpest IBP architecture – alongside a system to make sure management can hit the ground running and extract every bit of value from an integrated approach.