Improving Financial and Supply Chain Alignment

Practical advice for eliminating supply chain bottlenecks through better cross-functional planning

While many believe that collaboration between financial teams and supply chain operations should be easy, it is not. The two groups have different lines of sight, speak different languages, and have very different perspectives on the definition of supply chain excellence.  

While finance groups talk of investment and the impact on Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), the operational group focuses on supply chain bottlenecks, constraints, and flows. The focus of finance is usually headcount and cost while the supply chain group is trying to balance inventory with cost and customer service. The question is, “How to help both groups to align to drive improvement in outcomes?” 

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Produced by Lora Cecere - Founder and CEO at Supply Chain Insights, and sponsored by Board, the paper will help you:  

  • Gain practical advice for eliminating supply chain bottlenecks  
  • Establish what supply chain excellence really means 
  • Explore the importance of collaborative finance and supply chain planning 
  • Learn how to improve collaboration in Sales & Operations Planning  
  • Avoid common mistakes when trying to drive financial and operational alignment