Five Characteristics of a Great Incentives and Compensation Strategy – By Selling Power

And Why It Matters for Revenue Management

The best companies design their incentives and compensation strategy based on a broad picture of the revenue journey – from lead to close and beyond. A connected, collaborative approach to compensation planning and revenue management is important for any sales organization.

Download this eBook to explore the five components of an effective incentive and compensation strategy that will enable better revenue management. See how organizations can generate and close business more effectively and efficiently using these principles of –

  • Using an SPM solution to integrate sales, marketing, and customer success data
  • Track the right metrics and KPI’s to drive an effective revenue strategy
  • Gain overall transparency with timely and accurate visibility into compensation plans
  • Obtain fair and equitable territory mapping
  • Track non-monetary incentives such as professional development opportunities, flexible work hours, coaching, and mentorship.
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