CFO - Business Intelligence for the Office of Finance

What CFOs aren't getting from their business intelligence tools

Today's senior finance executives need to execute their accounting and reporting responsibilities, but of course that's only part of the job. CFOs are also business strategists, which means they must capably manage data as they evaluate and influence business-model changes.

If CFOs are to accurately assess how these changes will alter their companies' financial futures and be the reliable source of analytical information for the Board of Directors, they need a business intelligence solution that goes beyond data visualization. 


Download this eBook to understand:

  • Why finance shouldn't rely on spreadsheets to overcome the modeling limits of business intelligence solutions
  • How typical BI tools aren't conceived to support financial and managerial reporting
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the data visualization features of most BI applications
  • How automated data normalization and data processing capabilities can help break down organizational silos
  • The benefits of BI tools that connect seamlessly to financial planning and reporting functions
  • Why CFOs should rely on algorithm-based predictions supported by machine learning
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