Board for Open-to-Buy

Drive agility, control, and collaboration throughout the Open-to-Buy process

Open-to-Buy systems are standard in most retail companies but are often difficult to use and time-consuming to set up and administer. Spreadsheet-based processes do not provide the data accuracy, depth, or clarity needed to effectively analyze, forecast, and plan, yet they are so entrenched in the day-to-day operations that retailers often find it challenging to replace them.

Emerging from the constraints of traditional solutions and the limitations of Excel, Board changes the game. Board is an Intelligent Planning Platform combining Merchandise Financial Planning, Open-to-Buy, Range and Assortment Planning, and Allocation & Replenishment. It is a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for smart, agile retailers that want to tackle all planning and analytics needs at a fraction of the time and cost they would spend elsewhere.

Unlike spreadsheets, Board makes it possible to introduce workflow, security, audit trails, and versioning mechanisms. This enhances the control and efficiency of the entire decision-making process whilst ensuring Open-to-Buy Management becomes much more agile and collaborative.


Download this flyer to discover how Board enables retailers to:

  • Manage Open-to-Buy for all channels using a single integrated solution
  • Pursue pre-season and in-season opportunities as they arise
  • Improve forecasting through accurate analytics that draw on past trends, present data, and measurable KPIs