Business Intelligence, Planning and Predictive Analytics for the Built Environment

For the modern organisation, dealing with large quantities of data is part of regular business, and this is no different for the Property & Construction firms who plan, erect, and manage the built environment in which we live and work. 

Most often the link between business systems is spreadsheets, which are prone to error through their disconnection from source data and lack of workflow control over their manipulation and dissemination. To effectively analyse, simulate and plan, Property & Construction organisations need a solution that makes sense of their many data sources and provides decision-making support rather than a simple ‘alert center’, and Board’s centralised platform approach achieves this.

Unlike other software used in the construction industry, in one single platform Board covers all of the analysis, simulation, and planning requirements of Property & Construction organisations, providing the end-to-end visibility required to turn huge amounts of data into actionable insight and increase performance to better drive operational and business outcomes.

Board’s Toolkit nature, which is based upon a drag-and-drop, code-free user interface, enables the development of construction management applications with ease, helping construction firms to increase transparency, visibility, and efficiency throughout every stage of the build.

With Board you can effectively plan, analyze and simulate:

Commercial Analysis and Management
Performance Optimisation
Regulatory and Internal Reporting