City of Fayetteville Lets Citizens Track City Programs on New Web Portal, Based on BOARD International Analytics

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 - Fayetteville, NC, USA

The City Council of Fayetteville, NC today announced the launch of its TRACStat Web Portal, which allows its citizens to monitor the effectiveness of City programs from their Web browsers. Analytical data feeding the Web Portal come from the City’s TRACStat Performance Management and Analysis program, which runs on a budgeting, and strategic performance management analytical software platform from BOARD International.

The URL for the new TRACStat portal is
The portal provides the public with performance data on key city programs, including strategic planning and financial data from the close of the city’s FY2016. This data had previously only been available semi-annually in printed format, or as a static document posted on a website with limited opportunity for the public to truly gauge organizational performance or return on investment of tax dollars.

“This effort elevates the City of Fayetteville to a position of leadership among municipalities developing a data-driven culture for local government, continuous improvement and effective community engagement strategies,” said Interim City Manager Doug Hewett.

The TRACStat portal gives residents and elected officials varying levels of detail on the City’s organizational performance. Citizens can see high-level snapshots of how Fayetteville is meeting strategic goals and of the City’s budget, and can drill down to examine detailed data on specific measures, all via an easily navigated web portal that draws data from the TRACStat applications developed and running on the BOARD Platform.

“Commitment to strategic planning and performance management, plus open access to the public to that data, strengthens the City of Fayetteville, ensuring excellent services and a high quality of life for residents,” explained Fayetteville’s Director of Strategy and Performance Analytics Office, Rebecca Rogers Carter, who has led the TRACStat implementation.

“TRACStat allows for long range planning at the organizational level with alignment to departmental operations and performance expectations,” added Ms Rogers Carter. “With this system in place, the City is able to allocate resources appropriately and build strategies for continuous improvement. Performance Management garners valuable input and analysis, all of which flow into Council’s annual strategic planning and budgeting processes,” she explained.

Implementation of TRACStat followed a comprehensive year-long search by the City’s Steering Committee for a suitable software platform, which included products from such companies as IBM and Oracle. They chose the integrated Corporate Performance Management (CPM)/analytics/Business Intelligence platform from BOARD International as the best all-in-one solution. System Integrator Neubrain, LLC, of Rockville, MD was instrumental in the selection and deployment of the BOARD platform for Fayetteville.