Transporte Followmont

Integrated Business Planning and Analytics at Followmont

Delivering $800,000 in annual savings, reducing quarterly actuals reporting time by 99%, and driving efficiency, compliance, and visibility across the business

Looking to reevaluate their finance, sales, HR, and operations infrastructure to incorporate enhanced BI analysis, Australian transportation company, Followmont, selected the Board decision-making platform for its ability to: assess individual and team performance across their organization and scoreboard the results, automate their finance data to cut through time-heavy processes, provide a single version of truth for their data, integrate BI alongside forecasting and planning processes, and provide insight into the business through analysis tools. 

  • Industry: Transportation & Logistics
  • Department: Finance, HR, IT, Sales
  • Customers: 20,000
  • Employees: 1,000
  • Depots: 18 company-owned regional depots